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One-to-one services designed to make you faster

Enter the name for this tabbed section: Precision Fit
Used by club time trialists to National podium contenders, Olympic-distance “qualifiers” to Hawaii Ironman qalifiers.

This complete revamp involves a scan of you and your bike using latest bike scanner technology only once these are
run through the Radlabor system is there a final adjustments process using the new set up whilst you ride on an Indoor Trainer.

You get the perfect seat height, fore-and-aft, reach and handlebar height.
Whether triathlete, time trials, sportive rider or road racer. Mountain bikers catered for too!

This can be complemented with the BIORACER AERO SERVICE for maximum aerodynamic efficiency - click the tab above

5-POINT BIKE FIT - £85 (1.5hours)

5 point body scan
Laser scan of your existing bike or new bike
Laser adjustment of your bike
Parts can be replaced immediately, as required
A paper report is generated for you to keep
Duration: 1h 15 minutes

PREMIUM BIKE FIT - £140 (2.5hours)
14 point body scan (both sides of your body) highlighting any differences
In addition any injuries will be taken into account with a comprehensive questionnaire generated by the initial bike scan, these will cover:
Information on you seat position and any problems
Information on your body, covering any past injuries or problems newly encountered
Information about your bike, taking a bike scan, as a “before and after” showing differences on set up of your bike and giving you an optimised riding position,
Parts may need to be replaced, as necessary, in order to achieve this
A paper report is generated for you to keep
Duration: 2.5 hours

* Bike fitting sessions takes place at SouthFork (Braunton, North Devon) using two separate jigs.
* You need to bring your bike, cycle clothing and any equipment options that may be assessed.

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Enter the name for this tabbed section: Bioracer Aero
The session is carried out using the advanced Bioracer Aero Virtual Wind tunnel system: a green screen, video camera and state of the art software make this a time-efficient service that will improve your position and enhance aerodynamic efficiency.
A series of improved positions, ideas on how best to ride in certain scenarios and a comprehensive report means you get to be super-aero at a fraction of the cost of a wind tunnel visit. The report includes (a) video analysis pictures, (2) wattage changes as a result of position/equipment modifications, (3) separate page of recommendations on equipment upgrades and (4) JBST SPEED TOOL showing power, equipment, tire and speed scenarios using a proprietary spreadsheet. These all help you make informed changes to you and your bike.

Here are some recent reviews:

  • Adrian Lane – 2016-12-19 5 out of 5
  • Simply Brilliant. The real time data feedback is a great aspect of this system;unlike a conventional wind tunnel you can see how small variations in head and shoulder position may change your frontal area as soon as you make them.Personally I achieved a solid 35-40W improvement over my baseline. The watts per pound in this case is 3, a number that would beat any new frame or disc. Even better is that it’s applicable to every TT’r, triathlete and road racer out there. This is a no brainer for anyone looking to smash old PBs and set a new standard for their racing!

  • James – 2017-03-115 out of 5
  • Superb session with Joe. Clearly enthusiastic about his trade and took every opportunity to enhance my position whilst explaining the implications of each change. I came away with a 30w aero saving which i was chuffed with. Would thoroughly recommend.

  • Dave Ambler – 2017-04-03 5 out of 5
  • Great session with Joe and excellent value for money. Improved my position on the bike and more aero, what more could you ask? Highly recommended.

  • Neil (verified owner) – 2017-04-04 5 out of 5
  • Very worthwhile. The session gives you immediate data on changes made and makes you think about things more than you might otherwise. After the session, without all the adjustments we discussed, I took 54 seconds off my 25 TT PB with only 3w more power. Thanks Joe and I’m looking forward to seeing how low I can go this season.

Purchase of a Nopinz skinsuit/trisuit at full cost on the day and you can takes 50% off the cost of the Bioracer Aero service.

Please see these links for more details:

Fee: £150.00 Duration: 2 hours - including set up and breakdown time.

* Sessions take place at, Barnstaple, Devon. You need to bring bike, race skinsuit, race shoes, helmet and any equipment options that may be assessed.

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Enter the name for this tabbed section: 3D Aero Scanning
We use a 3D scanner to produce a full scan of your body in the aerobar racing position.

This is then run through Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) software (off-site) to calculate surface pressure zones.

This is then used to make a custom Nopinz garment (e.g. Nopinz Trip Suit - time trial or triathlon) to your exact drag needs.

Your personalised suit maximises performance by significantly reducing drag compared to any off-the-shelf suit on the market.

Fee £500 - 3D scan session, CFD analysis (off-site) and custom Trip suit made by Nopinz

Duration: 1 hour, with suit delivered with 28 days.

Fee £599 - Bioracer Aero Optimisation session, 3D scan in new position, CFD analysis(off-site) and custom Trip suit made by Nopinz

Duration: 3 hours with suit delivered with 28 days.

* Sessions take place at, Barnstaple, Devon. You need to bring your bike, race suit and aero helmet.

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Enter the name for this tabbed section: Max Power/HR Test
This physical test uses a research-proven protocol to find your maximum data and ascertain fitness, training zones and seasonal progression.

The outcome is precise Heart Rate Zones and for those using power precise training and racing power zones

We use either our Cycleops Trainer and your on-bike power system or you can bring your Indoor Trainer (with power measurement)

If you do not have a power measuring system but want to get a test please say so when you book your session.

The test starts at 100 watts and increases 20 watts/minute until maximum effort is achieved. Tests last 8-18 minutes.

Your personalised heart rate and power SMART training zones are e-mailed to you, along with answers to any questions you have during the session.


Fee £40.00

Duration: ~1 hour

* Sessions take place at Southfork, Braunton, Devon. You need to bring your bike, cycle clothing and any equipment options that may be assessed.

Enter the name for this tabbed section: Pro days
Pro Service
includes Precision Bike Fitting, MAX test with Personalised Zones assessment.

This is a perfect "one-stop" visit, ideal for athletes travelling several hours and wanting a professional once over.

Fee: £160.00
Duration: 4 hours

Pro-service PLUS
includes Precision Bike Fit, MAX test, Personalized Zones assessment and 1hr training consultation with food.

This gives the athlete maximum bike speed, comfort and personal training knowledge.

Fee: £220.00
Duration: 5 hours

Pro-service EXTRA
includes Precision Bike Fit, MAX test, Personalized Zones assessment, 1-hour training consultation and Bioracer Aero Virtual Wind Tunnel session

This is the ultimate athlete service for a complete coaching day.

Fee: £350.00
Duration ~6 hours

* Sessions take place at Southfork/, Devon. You need to bring your bike, cycle clothing and any equipment options that may be assessed.
Enter the name for this tabbed section: Consultations
This includes informal discussion to ascertain assessment of present training, discussion on nutrition and equipment being used and prescription of changes to action. This allows all your questions to be answered and a path to your goals planned.

A questionnaire will be sent beforehand to ensure maximum use of time and to allow a better understanding of your situation and needs.

Fee: £30.00 - 1 hour

Fee: £60.00 - 2 hours (£30 each additional hour)

Additional Report - including actions and meeting notes £30.00

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